“I am beyond grateful for these retreats. I see myself grow and experience different energy and transformation with each retreat. I love the connection and the rituals and how they bring me to a higher vibrational frequency.”

– Rosa Cortez

“I came in not knowing what to expect, but was amazed at how much I received!  Naima and Veronica were great!  They shared their experience and knowledge and helped me set intentions that will change my life and the generations that will follow.  Amazing heart-opening experience.  I am thankful for the experience and opportunity.”

– Cordialis Kasago

“The Inner Goddess Retreat was amazing!  It was an opportunity for inner reflection and to connect with other women on a deeply spiritual level.  I appreciate all the work that Naima and Veronica put into creating such a wonderful experience for women to recharge and renew their connection to a higher authority and to heighten their awareness of the elements and their significance to our well being.”

– Zoey Carpenter

“The Inner Goddess Retreat was exactly what I needed to propel my life forward.  It was the answer to 10 years worth of prayers and launched the beginning of my career.  I now have an extremely clear vision of exactly what I need to align with my soul purpose.  I opened my heart, gained a sisterhood that I once lost, became more enlightened and vulnerable, I connected with each sister in my own way, and I loved all equally the same.  Veronica and Naima did an amazing job at aligning everything and things flowed so smoothly.  I could not be happier and even cried so hard leaving because I didn’t want to leave.  I would love to attend 2-3 retreats a year because I see the value, and you cannot gain this type of experience just anywhere.  The locations are optimal.  Getting away from your day to day life allows you to reconnect to what is important.  I am going back home with more clarity, love, support and guidance, and I couldn’t be happier!  Oh, and the food / service… no words to describe how amazing it was!”

– Lauren Strader

“The Inner Goddess Retreat allowed me to rediscover and reinvent my inner Goddess.  The holistic approach to everything was good for connecting to mind, body and spirit.  I have been reminded that I create my own possibilities and have found ways to let go of what no longer serves me.  The power of sisterhood is amazing!  Love was present in this retreat.”

– Christina Arias

“The Inner Goddess Retreat is a transformational journey that every woman should consider embarking upon for herself.  Veronica and Naima’s visions to create a sisterhood bond through reflection, releasing, envisioning and manifesting is thoughtfully and intentionally executed through every detail.  My soul went on a journey of powerful transformation and growth throughout the retreat.  This is a way to step back from the demands of daily life and connect to one’s inner source.  I am forever changed by my connection to the sisterhood and the women with whom I have shared this experience.  Veronica and Naima share a divine gift and vision which is truly enhancing the lives of each woman who is willing to open up and dive deep into the depth of her own soul.  I can’t thank you enough for the experiences throughout the retreat… every little detail was so perfect, from the villa, to the food, to the ceremonies and sacred rituals.  Thank you so much for pouring your heart and soul into each and every one of us!  You are two divine Goddesses that I feel blessed to know!”

– Megan Hafer

“I had no idea what was in store for me when I decided to attend the Inner Goddess Retreat in Bali, Indonesia.  First, I would like to thank Veronica and Naima for their vision to reach women, heal them, and restore what sacred friendships with other women should feel like.  Thank you sharing your hearts with women.  I was in awe the entire trip.  I was extremely grateful for this opportunity to not only experience and commune with God on a totally different continent, but to share in the beauty of each of the Goddesses that were a part of the retreat.  This was a life changing experience and I’ll never forget that I am a blessed woman and my inner Goddess is alive and ready to attract all of the blessings in store for me.  Friendships were developed, and I hold all of these dear women in my heart.  My name is Shaune and I am a Goddess!”

– Shaune Roberts

“I’m grateful for you ladies for seeing the need for this type of togetherness.  My time in Bali was well spent!  I am so very grateful.”

– Shaala Brown

“When I booked my retreat I knew in my heart that I was called to do inner work to grow and expand.  I knew I needed this, but didn’t expect the depth, the profound enlightenment, or the light that would illuminate inside of me as a result of this experience.  From the sisterhood circles, to the nourishing food, everything was divine and in alignment to me becoming my BEST self.  Words cannot completely express what has been sparked inside of me.  All of the wonderful workshops, healing sessions and wisdom has made me see the world so much more clearly.  I’ve been taught by the wisdom of Veronica and Naima to be the spark of my life and release any self-doubt, or fear of success.  We had valuable lessons and workshops on manifesting abundance and prosperity.  I know I have the tools to visualize my life and implement my dreams without fear.  The retreat is truly transformational and my life now feels anew.”

– Robyn Melissa

“My Dear Sisters!  It cracked my heart to hear your words, to see your tears, to share with you my deepest feelings.  I saw so much beauty in each and every one of you, the divine beauty beyond the appearance, make up and elegant clothes.  I learned from you that great lesson of compassion, generosity, of joy to give, the joy to receive.  Thank you!  You reminded me of the biggest gift in my life, the gift of being a woman and to live my femininity with grace, gratitude and inspiration.”

– Tatiana Kercha

“There were no thieves in the temple….only love, light & goodness. I felt a physical reaction caused by the vibration. I surrendered to the dark night of my soul. Alone but not lonely. This feeling is amazing. Thank you Naima and Veronica for following your hearts & your vision. Your light has liberated me in a way that I’m forever grateful for. I’m honored to be one of the first & excited that it will not be my last journey. I am light. I am love. I am free.”

– Kelli Lynn

“What a wonderful and transforming experience! Any ladies looking for a cleansing, transforming experience, I recommend Holistic Goddess Retreats hands down as the best gift you can give yourself on your journey of self discovery and healing. Thank you for an indescribable soul retreat!”

– Chrystal Hedlin

“It was an absolute pleasure meeting all of the beautiful Holistic Goddess Retreat Bali ladies! Naima and Veronica, you did a phenomenal job and I am forever changed. God Bless you all.”

– SaBrina Fisher Reece

“On my spiritual journey, I was reborn in Indonesia with Holistic Goddess Retreats!”

– Edris Holland

“During our weekend retreat, I was most impressed and rewarded by the immediate and positive change I felt in my overall well-being after receiving the reiki treatment and chakra cleansing. I went into the session believing in the benefits, and had a goal. I was focused on releasing past hurts, forgiveness and physical healing, and felt an immediate and enduring relief to symptoms of chronic anxiety. The grounds and retreat house were simple and lovely, as well as the vegan menu. I even lost a few pounds while there. In addition to the personal healing benefits I received, connecting with other women in a safe and soothing environment was also rewarding and rejuvenating. I look forward to joining another adventure soon!”

-Holly Lowe Jones

Loved the trip! The experience was nice and I enjoyed the circle and rituals.  I’ll be adopting some of the things learned and applying it to my family.

-Lynette Runnels

“Some serious magic went down in Costa Rica. A deeply personal trip dedicated to honoring the Divine within myself… it also gifted me some seriously beautiful life long friendships with strangers I now call my soul sisters. I haven’t felt this good about myself in a very long time and I’m so grateful for Holistic Goddess Lifestyle. I feel like I came home to myself in a much bigger beautiful and divine way that I probably won’t ever really be able to put into words but will remember and grow from forever.”

-Theresa Coggiola